While shopping for your favourite food items from a supermarket, our eyes lighten up on seeing the ‘gluten-free’ label on food items. The food industry is fighting hard to churn out gluten free foods while gluten intolerance is disrupting human bodies the world over. So what is gluten and how does gluten intolerance affect your body? Gluten is a protein variant typically present in grains of the ilk of rye, barley, wheat etc. Lack of a gluten free diet on your plate creates havoc for people with the celiac disease. Gluten free meals are hard to be found even in today’s bustling food ecosystems which are replete with choices. Nevertheless, Nutriapt’s defining gluten free diet plan has a different take on fighting gluten intolerance and celiac disease. We do it in a scientific and sustainable manner knowing full well that it is your health we are dealing with here!

The processed food industry and the business of additives being added in our foods have meant that more often than not we have gluten in our diet. It has been found that howsoever stringent quality control methods tend to be, benefits of a gluten free diet are hard to attain due to traces of these getting into our foods. Gluten is known to destroy the smallfinger-like projections in our small intestine called villi. People with the celiac disease have their villi damaged which could take years to repair when a strict gluten-free diet is followed. These are responsible for absorption of nutrients in our body and their destruction means letting malnutrition & nutrition-deficiency through the door. Also, the imbalance in the amount of beneficial and harmful bacteria occurring in the gut due to the absence of gluten free desserts right after a meal creates foul-smelling faecal matter.

The switch to gluten free meal plan could be hard but not impossible with Nutriapt helping you get there without any tossing and squirming! Natural unprocessed nuts and beans are gluten free so we make sure you increase their quantity in your diet in a way that is palatable. Millets, Fresh meat, fruits and vegetables are essentially gluten free at heart! Nutriapt’s expertly constructed diet regimes help you deal with gluten intolerance in a manner that you enjoy and share.


Nutriapt bring to you diet plan to fight another ailment which goes by the name lactose intolerance. This intolerance isn’t an allergy for dairy products but stems from the body’s inability to break down lactose in the gut. This happens due to depleted levels of the enzyme lactase in the small intestine which breaks down lactose into glucose and galactose.

Nutriapt has put together a concrete diet plan to fight lactose intolerance after careful planning and research into the latest methodology. Lactose intolerance can be kept at bay by regulating the amount and type of dairy products one consumes. We take care of what you are eating and how much you are filling up your tummy with!

Cast aside your worries and subscribe to our online diet to manage your gluten or lactose intolerance! Start living life the Nutriapt way!

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    I and my husband have been following Nutriapt for close to 5 months. I discovered that diet plans are very good taking care of all round nutrition needs. Also the recipes sent by Manpreet are tasty and it’s very easy to source the ingredients. As, My husband and I are both following the diet plans of Nutriapt and here I would also like to mention that Manpreet takes special care to see that our meal plans are more or less similar, hence making it very easy for me to cook. I have to also congratulate her on her punctuality in calling us. If she says that she will be calling us on Monday at 3pm, she would call; she is not a second late. This is a regular follow up done, every week, in which she discusses in detail about your prior week and takes into account all changes you would like to incorporate in your diet. We are both satisfied with our weight loss and the services provided by Manpreet and her team. A big thanks to them.

  • Lost 10 kgs in 4 Months

    Since past 3 months, I have been following Nutriapt diets for my daughter and I have seen a tremendous change in her weight. My daughter had a major obesity problem with a whole lot of other associated problems. She has fatty liver,gluten intolerance and thyroid issues as well. After taking the specialised diet from Manpreet, she has not only lost weight but her thyroid problem has improved a lot and she is doing much better now. Manpreet has designed a special diet for her ,taking into consideration all her health problems. I would like to thank Manpreet for all her support, care and understanding towards my daughter. Nutriapt has given my daughter a second life…for which I am truly thankful.

  • Lost 15 kgs in 6 Months

    I feel so great to write about Nutriapt that completely changed my lifestyle and induced so much positivity in me. Not only it helped me in getting rid of the PCOD problem and extra kgs but also I ate without starving at all. It was so great when people around noticed the change in me and that made me more confident. I want to thank Manpreet for her presence always that helped in become a better me!