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She is highly professional and humble. She has formulated some very easy to follow weight loss methods. Not only she has great command over nutrition but also understand the psyche of her clients very well. Based upon your activities like travelling, surrounding, going out etc. she makes your plans. I strongly recommend her if you are looking for a professional and focussed guidance with great coordination and understanding.
I was introduced to Manpreet via an office colleague and I am thankful to her for the same. Since I have started consulting her, I have discovered a healthy diet schedule. She gave me meals on regular basis and guiding me through the DO’s and DON’T’s . I believe that I shall continue to benefit from these tips lifelong while maintaining the current weight. I have lost 10 kgs in last 4 months and hoping to loose another 10 in the coming months.
Thanks Manpreet, thanks a lot for brining magic in my life. You have immensely changed me inside out. Now I know what is healthy eating and not unhealthy dieting. I have lost over 12 kgs over the span of few months, ever since I have started consulting nutriapt,I have learnt the art of weight maintenance. Her weekly meticulous diet plans have helped me a lot and that’s the reason why I always rely on her while taking any kind of food. Though an honest confession that I have cheated on few of her meals but the patience and confidence she showed with me is really amazing. I recently re-opted for another monthly plan to bring myself back in healthy schedule and the magic worked again. I have lost another 3 kgs! She has immense knowledge and expertise. I would personally recommend her to everyone who wants to work towards a healthier lifestyle.
Just like weight loss, even weight gaining is a huge problem. Thanks to Manpreet, this magic could be achieved. My weight was increased by 3.5 kg in just a month with perfect body posture. The diet plan and motivation helped me achieve my goal. Now I feel more energetic and healthy. Thank You!
Manpreet is a great consultant when it comes to a healthy dietary habit. I find it really helpful , the way it worked for me. She provides so many alternatives that are easily available and worked the way I wanted. So you are not stuck to eat something you don’t like and you can always have something you like on your platter.
Usually it’s a myth that losing weight is not starvation or eating very less, and I learnt it in the easy way , all thanks to Nutriapt. I have been able to lose 6 kgs in just two months and feel really delighted every time I check my weight not because I have lost weight, but because I was able to do it so easily that too by eating a balanced diet. I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and I wanted to lose weight without compromising on the food to make sure I can breastfeed my 7 month old baby boy. There were so many anxieties shooting my mind at the same time. All the diet charts that I got were easy to follow and the best part was that modifications were done as per my current food habits. All I have to say is a “THANKS NUTRIAPT”. You have truly guided me towards appropriate nutrition in such an efficient way.
Nutriapt has not only helped me shed extra weight in a healthy way but also taught me how to follow a healthy lifestyle. After menopause I was continuously gaining weight and was feeling very uncomfortable. Nutriapt help me with a healthy body and long term good health through a lifestyle shift. All thanks to Manpreet. She is very dedicated towards her work. I recommend her to all the women in their menopause years.
I feel so great to write about Nutriapt that completely changed my lifestyle and induced so much positivity in me. Not only it helped me in getting rid of the PCOD problem and extra kgs but also I ate without starving at all. It was so great when people around noticed the change in me and that made me more confident. I want to thank Manpreet for her presence always that helped in become a better me!
Since past 3 months, I have been following Nutriapt diets for my daughter and I have seen a tremendous change in her weight. My daughter had a major obesity problem with a whole lot of other associated problems. She has fatty liver,gluten intolerance and thyroid issues as well. After taking the specialised diet from Manpreet, she has not only lost weight but her thyroid problem has improved a lot and she is doing much better now. Manpreet has designed a special diet for her ,taking into consideration all her health problems. I would like to thank Manpreet for all her support, care and understanding towards my daughter. Nutriapt has given my daughter a second life…for which I am truly thankful.
I and my husband have been following Nutriapt for close to 5 months. I discovered that diet plans are very good taking care of all round nutrition needs. Also the recipes sent by Manpreet are tasty and it’s very easy to source the ingredients. As, My husband and I are both following the diet plans of Nutriapt and here I would also like to mention that Manpreet takes special care to see that our meal plans are more or less similar, hence making it very easy for me to cook. I have to also congratulate her on her punctuality in calling us. If she says that she will be calling us on Monday at 3pm, she would call; she is not a second late. This is a regular follow up done, every week, in which she discusses in detail about your prior week and takes into account all changes you would like to incorporate in your diet. We are both satisfied with our weight loss and the services provided by Manpreet and her team. A big thanks to them.