Nutriapt literally translates to 'Appropriate Nutrition'.

Pollution, perspiration and premonition! They have made our lives that much more of a challenge every day. We are growing up with pollution; getting up, close and personal with perspiration in the cities that we live in and during our exercises that we start our day with and finally living with the premonition of not doing enough to take care of our bodies through this almighty mess we fight day in and day out. Nutrition counselling is becoming the need of the hour as cosmetics, medicines and supplements are falling behind in trying to protect our bodies and minds. Nutriapt breaks through the walls of dust, past the grime on your skin and shakes you whole-heartedly back to life! Don't worry, we have got it all covered with apt nutrition! We are Nutriapt.
The times that we live in today demand natural remedies for our nutrition problems. An expert nutritionist and/or a dietitian go a long way in streamlining your everyday diet menu plans. You could be an individual subjected to a sedentary job, you might be an aspiring athlete or you could be the head of state of a country etc. The common nerve is the need for expert nutrition in everybody's lives. Nutriapt steers clear of crash dieting, quick-fix methods and short-term solutions to dietary issues with a refreshing, reliable and rejuvenating online diet counselling plan of its own. We strike a chord with our surprisingly customised plans for all our clientele. While you work doubly hard to earn your daily bread, we ensure your bread is of the highest quality and serves you just right!
Backed by latest research and scientific nutrition, Nutriapt strongly believes that health and wellness programs have a limit to their effectiveness. It never was and never will be about eating less but it will be everything about eating right! There is nothing more revitalising for a human body than a super-nutritious power-packed nutrition plan from Nutriapt! Our posse of online nutrition counselling services shifts the focus firmly back on nutrition being the core of a healthy body more than any other means to that end. Everybody wants an answer to the question 'how to lose weight fast?' but there aren't many to answer that question. Nutriapt strongly believes in its ability to answer this very question in the most sustainable, reliable and fulfilling manner to all our customers and beyond. Welcome onboard Nutriapt! We aren't just a company, we are, a thought, shaping the future of nutrition and humankind!

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Dt Manpreet

Manpreet, founded Nutriapt with the Mission to enable healthy eating & lifestyle habits among people thereby ensuring they live a life full of energy & satisfaction. Manpreet has over a decade of experience fashioning people’s diet, nutrition and lifestyle in general. Her expertise & experience makes clients keep coming back for more! Manpreet has a strong inclination to inculcate a spirit of bonding with one’s kitchen & use its various little-known secrets to develop a healthier lifestyle. It is important to enjoy what’s on your plate (quite literally) without succumbing to the other commitments of your life thereby ignoring what goes into your tummy every day. She curates people’s diet for a living making sure that they eat & live healthy. More importantly, they don’t necessarily eat less but they eat right!


Earning an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree in Food & Nutrition with a specialization in Food Science and Therapeutic Nutrition from Lady Irwin College (Delhi University) has opened Manpreet to a world of tremendous possibilities when it comes to tailoring people’s daily diet customised for their specific lifestyle. She teaches people to harness the lesser-known facts of an Indian kitchen for their good health & nutrition.

As a professional, she strongly believes in continuous improvement to bring excellence to her job. To fulfill that commitment, she has done International Diabetics Educator course recognised by the International Diabetes Federation. She is pursuing her research on Mindfulness/ Meditation and reducing stress from Hamburg University of Applied sciences ,Germany and she is a certified Bach practitioner. Her vast knowledge about both body and mind help her heal wide variety of clients worldwide. She has also done courses in Chakra Healing , Energy Healing , Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness to provide over- all wellbeing to the clients and also give them the AHA- Moments!.


She has a portfolio of work spanning over eight years which has seen her work with people helping them lose/gain weight, body-building, strength training, thyroid control, PCOD & PCOS prevention, regulation of hypertension and diabetes et al. She has thoroughly enjoyed what she has done and her expertise makes her a much-sought after consultant on lifestyle, diet and nutrition needs of the people.


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Dt Ramita

Ramita kaur, a qualified Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle consultant has over 5 years of experience in designing her client’s diet and providing lifestyle consultation. She is known for her healthy recipes and knowledge of latest developments in nutrition and health. She recognizes the needs of proper diet for healthy living and hence guides people towards healthier alternatives to junk and processed foods.


She has persued a Bachelors degree in Foods and Nutrition from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University followed by an internship in LNJP hospital, Delhi. Since last five years, Ramita has been dedicatedly working towards helping people with weight management and curing health disorder like thyroid , PCOD, and diabetes etc. Being a thorough professional, Ramita is sensitive to her client’s needs but at the same time very straight forward and honest and gives realistic and attainable goals and also helps in achieving them by constant support and health advice.


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Dt Anshu

Anshu Thakur has done her Graduation and Masters Masters in Food and Nutrition from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, Punjab. She has practical experience of working with therapeutic patients during her internships in well renowned Hospitals- Fortis Hospital and Christian Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana, Punjab. She is experienced in customized diets and recipes for her clients. Anshu is a professional and at the same time very approachable and humble. She is very honest with her work which makes her clients achieve great results and have a long term association.